Helmet is the most important gear for those people who ride bikes. Some people ride bike for practical reason and that is to go to one place to another but bike racing is also a very exciting sport and many people love it. Some people like to travel to countryside or they like to go for country tour on bike because it provides them a source of adventure and a feel of being free and relaxed. However, it is also a fact that bike is the most dangerous vehicle. All vehicles can be dangerous when people are being reckless while driving them but bikes can lose their controls very easily and without any big reason. If the bike is on full speed, a little loss on concentration can cause death of the rider. Many people have lost their lives because of such accidents. Most of these accidents have been cause because of head injuries. To prevent such happenings, helmets have been made and in many countries, it has become a law to wear helmet while riding.

There are different kinds of helmets available in the market. This article will describe some of these types with their names so that people can choose the best type of helmet next time.

Full face motorcycle helmets

This is the most common type of helmet and it can be seen almost everywhere. In some countries 95% people use full face helmets. They are the best because of the combination of weight, comfort and the protection this type of helmet provide to the heat of the rider. This is consisting on a full shell, which protect the whole head, face, and neck of the rider. It also has a mirror on the eyes part so that rider can look properly while riding the bike.

 Modular helmets

The bike racers and people who go for adventure on their bikes mostly use these types of helmets. This type of helmet looks very classy on the rider. People can eat and have a drink without removing it. People can make the chin bar slide up the helmet if they do not want it in the way. Many people like this type of helmet because they are less problematic while removing or putting on.

Open Face Helmets

People who go for adventures on long drive mostly use this type of helmet. This let people feel the wind on their faces and they can look all around while riding. People, who use this type of helmet, also use eye-protecting glasses. People can talk to fellow riders very easily and listen what they are saying so there is no need to use Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets. There are some helmets available in the market of this type, which has a mirror, and people can flip it to protect their faces if they want to.

Half helmets

This type of helmet is being called half helmet because of its small lid. It is a mixture of top shell and open face structure. This helmet is of very lightweight. But it does not provide the protection other types of helmets provide.