Driving is one of the greatest joys in life. There is a romance to the open road and people have enjoyed the independence of driving their own vehicle for many decades. The itinerary and the ultimate destination is up to you.

Our love affair with cars began several years ago and is still evident today. From the first forays into the automobile by Henry Ford to the vintage roadsters and muscle cars made famous by films like American Graffiti, cars have stood for adventure and independence.

One of the best ways to see a new location is by car. You are not limited by a tour guide and you are able to choose your own schedule. If you find a particularly good restaurant or a town you’d like to explore further, you have the freedom to do so because you are traveling in your own vehicle.

Iceland self drive tours are the perfect way to get immersed in the country. You can stop and visit various points of historic interest or take a dip in the world-famous Blue Lagoon. Driving yourself is one of the most interesting ways to see a country that may not appear on most tourist itineraries. A car can get you to places a tour bus would never go and satisfy your curiosity as a visitor to Iceland.

One of the most beautiful experiences when driving across a country is the ability to park wherever takes your fancy and lay on the hood to look up at the sky. Marvel at the northern lights as you stare up at the stars with the knowledge that you can move along at your own pace. You can stay up all night and watch the sky if you so choose. You can also bring along a picnic if you are taking a long drive up to see the volcanoes or other points of interest that are distant from civilization. There’s nothing but you, the car, and the open road as you take in breathtaking vistas throughout your journey.

There is something to be said about pre-booked tours and itineraries for people who would like the security of a guided tour. For those who prefer to throw caution to the wind and immerse themselves in both the culture and landscape, driving their own car is the best option available. There is nothing like seeing a country from the point of view of the people living in it, who drive the same roads and routes. No local would usually take a guided bus tour.

A self driving tour is a great way to throw caution to the wind and explore the island like a local. You’ll also meet locals along the way, sharing drinks and laughter, and discover more about the nation than you ever thought possible. Join a long history of people who lived for the open road by taking a chance and driving yourself in order to experience the country as it was meant to be seen.