You have your Android Portable Handheld GPS device and you intend using it. Of course, with WIFI, you can use it to do almost anything, but the moment you step away from the connection, there is no data for GPS. It is a normal thing for maps and voice guidance not to work without data.

Well, there is certainly a solution to this challenge. Well, it known that offline maps are installed on the SD card, therefore you do not need an internet connection for navigation. Once it is installed, you just need to download the turn by turn voice guide in your own language.

One popular map that you can use if you want to travel is Google maps. This app usually is on every device with an Android OS and so you have the chance to save the particulars are zoomed in the map when you are traveling. Google allows you save about 6 large map areas when using it offline. All you have to be sure of is that you have saved the maps for offline use. You would have used WIFI connection to start the GPS and when the device would have gathered enough information, it can guide you properly to your destination even if you do not have internet connection during that period. However, there are cases of Google maps not properly navigating one to their destination if it wasn’t started when connected to data or WIFI. In such cases, you should start the navigation process at home when connected to data or WIFI and then take your device to your car.

There are other apps that can do this as well such as the iGO primo app. This app allows you navigate without data or WIFI connection. It is a GPS Navigation app with Streetview and Offline map which properly guides you without the connecting to the internet since the maps are saved to the internal storage in the portable GPS device or its SD card. You have the opportunity to download maps needed for your trip alone. This will prevent your device memory from getting filled up quickly while making use of your device. There is the option of downloading the maps needed at any time and deleting the unused ones.

Features of the 7-inch Android Portable Handheld GPS Device

It comes as a 7-inch GPS navigation Android pad with a 5 points capacitive touch screen of 800 by 400 pixels. Having an ARM CPU of 1.3GHz, its RAM size is 512 MB and a flash memory space of 8GB which can be expanded to 16GB. Its Android OS is version 4.4.2 with the GPS module a built-in main chip and built-in high sensitive antenna, and it has a pre-installed map software to make it perform its primary function.

Apart from the primary navigation function, the tab can be used below functions:

  1. to play games as it supports all types of games;
  2. it can play music;
  3. used for reading e-books;
  4. can be used to watch videos;
  5. and has an FM transmitter;
  6. It also has a camera with flash;

vehicle power charger with it a built-in battery of 1500mAH Li-ion battery which can be charged with a 120/230V adapter charger.

This device can serve multiple functions and still work as a GPS navigation device. It promises to be a companion to its owner and will do almost anything to please the owner. The 7-inch Android Portable Handheld GPS Device is a hotcake in the market and anybody who travels frequently should have one with him always, for a smooth journey to his or her destination.